Go Muskies! Homecoming week is always an exciting time for students, teachers, families, and supporters. This year, homecoming seems to be happening a bit earlier than usual, and hopefully that means the weather will cooperate for all the events.

Personally, I always look forward to being in the homecoming parade, which will take place this Thursday. The drive from Grant Elementary School down Mulberry to the high school is so much fun. I’ve never officially counted, but it would seem the crowd along the parade route would be in the hundreds.

This community supports our students, and you’ll be able to experience that firsthand throughout the course of this week. As a parent with a child enrolled in a Muscatine school, I know how much the teachers truly care about setting their students up for success. That statement is true for the folks in the administrative offices and on the school board.

Will you be taking part in any of the homecoming festivities? Even if you find yourself as an “empty nester” with children who are grown and went through the school system, please consider coming out and taking part in the events throughout the course of this week! While I am personally not an alumnus, I feel confident saying that you’d be welcomed back with open arms.

It’s a trip for me to sit here and think that in ten years, my oldest son could be going to a homecoming dance. WOW! I should probably start saving money for that right now! Here’s to a great week for Muscatine High School and, once again, go Muskies!