There is a new exhibit at the Muscatine Art Center. “Not So Ordinary: Iowa Regionalists and Scenes of Rural Life” went on display earlier this month and will be on view through July 30, 2017.

“Not So Ordinary: Iowa Regionalists and Scenes of Rural Life” is an exhibit featuring the Muscatine Art Center’s Iowa Regionalist collection. “What makes the exhibition ‘not so ordinary’ is that these works were part of a movement towards a distinctive American method promoted by Grant Wood,” says Muscatine Art Center Director Melanie Alexander. Visitors can see works by Muscatine’s own William Bunn, Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, John Bloom, Alma Held, Arnold Pyle, Juanita Jamison, Harold Allison, and others.

Alexander explains, “The exhibition highlights the connections these Iowa artists shared with Grant Wood and one another. I hope visitors who have an appreciation for the work of Grant Wood will take the time to learn about his fellow Iowa artists who were active during the same time period.”

The art on display features everyday scenes. Alexander said, “Back in the 1930s, Wood was urging artists to create works based on what they knew. Visitors to the exhibition will discover many artists who took his advice.”

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