City council Members

City council Members

The Muscatine City Council held its regular meeting on Thursday, November 16. The meeting began with the council opening the floor to the public.

Newly elected but not-yet-serving council members Kelcey Brackett, Nadine Brockert, and Osmond Malcolm spoke together and presented a suggestion to the council that City Administrator Gregg Mandsager be placed on paid administrative leave while his lawsuit against the city and Mayor Diana Broderson is in effect. They also said an outside counsel should be utilized to advise the city on how to proceed.

The three each had their own reasons for agreeing to join together to present their suggestions to the council.

Brackett said, “Placing Mandsager on administrative leave with pay while the lawsuit is in place would provide a clear separation to prevent any injury to the city, accidental or otherwise, through that interaction. I think we need outside legal counsel to provide us with the right direction because, as I’ve stated previously, I think we absolutely need to replace our current city attorney.”

Brockert said, “I think I’ve echoed a lot of the sentiments of the people I’ve talked to, many of whom are in my ward. We thought once the election was over . . . things would calm down a lot and we would be able to work together again, but with this lawsuit, we are very disappointed it was filed. All we want is just a peaceful end to the entire situation.”

Malcolm said, “We hope that by coming and making recommendations as incoming council members that the current council would at least consider what we said, because we’re saying what everyone has been saying to us on the street.”

All other items on the agenda were approved unanimously with the exception of Councilman Rehwaldt’s request to begin discussion on a search for a new city attorney. His suggestion was rejected with four objections of the six councilmen present. Councilman Robert Bynum was absent from the meeting.