I forgot my Grandma’s birthday last week and I felt awful about it. I received a text message from my wife on Tuesday, July 19 reminding me that it would have been my Grandma Catherine’s (everyone called her Babe) birthday. How could I forget? Grandma Babe passed away in October 2012 after living a wonderful life well into her 90s. I can’t even put into words how much I personally cared about her and what she meant to me growing up. And I forgot her birthday—shame on me. I certainly think of her often and even feel like she’s around when life is throwing me challenges, but I forgot her birthday.
We’d been reminded of Grandma Babe each time we’d stop by to see my father in-law, Craig. Until recently, Sonny, a 14-year-old golden retriever, had called Craig’s house his home. Sonny was with my Grandma Babe until she passed away, always at her side, a true companion. For a brief period Sonny lived with my family before my father in-law invited him to stay at his home. Sonny’s passing was tough because of how much he meant not only to my Grandma Babe but also to the entire family. If you’ve lost a four-legged family member, you can share in this feeling of loss.
I do my best to not forget my Grandma Babe’s birthday and honor her legacy by being a good husband, father, and community member because that’s what she would want me to do. I hope that over time you can cherish the memories of loved ones that have left us and never take a day for granted.