By Alex Foltz
While the Muscatine boys didn’t score any points at the state swim meet, they certainly showed that they have been improving. Their coach, Judd Anderson, had set goals for his athletes: improve in time as well as placing.

While none of the Muskies placed, they did improve in time. John Wieskamp, a senior, and Ryan Boeding, a freshman, tied for 21st place in the 50 freestyle. Wieskamp entered with the 23rd best time in the state, while Boeding entered with the 24th.

The 400-free relay team, consisting of Isaac Heth, senior, Wade Whiteside, junior, Boeding, and Wieskamp also saw improvements. Their qualifying time improved by 1.31 seconds and they placed 17th overall. They entered with the 21st fastest time in the state.

Heth stated that “it was a great ending note for my season and my high school career.”

The four Muskies were also on a 200-free relay team. That team also finished at 17th overall, with a time of 1:30.03.

“I got to drop some time, me individually, [and] that was the first time getting the opportunity to anchor in that relay,” Heth said.

Heth does not currently plan to swim for college, but he does swim for a club team out of Iowa City. Heth stated that the club state meet will be February 22 through 25. A sectional meet will take place the week after that, which Heth said is a level above state.

As to his swim career as whole, Heth stated that he was very happy that he started swimming his freshman year and that he was thankful for his coaches and teammates.

“I’m really grateful for my coaches and my parents and my teammates. It was a great way to spend my high school career, and I’m really glad I did it. It’s always nice to see your hard work pay off. I’m really thankful for my team and I’m really glad I started swimming my freshman year,” Heth said of his swim career.

As for the relay team he leaves behind, Boeding and Whiteside plan to return next year to swim for Muscatine.