We all know the local Muskie Marching Band for their spirit, their positive attitude, and their annual performances. Since July, the marching band has gotten together weekly to add additions to their marching show, “Swan Lake.” When the school year began, the marching band started meeting every morning before school at 7 a.m. to practice and perfect their show.

The 2016 Muskie Marching Band Invitational was held the evening of October 8. The Mighty Muskie Marching Band travels throughout marching season to compete against other schools and be scored based on their musical performance and their visual appearance. The Muskie Marching Band Invitational is a competition that the Muskies Host and that other schools come to compete in.

The annual invitation is not only an opportunity for the community to see the great things that the marching band program does, but it is also a fundraiser that helps pay for expenses in the band program. The Muskie Invite also gives area schools a closer location to compete at, rather than driving two to three hours to a location further away.

Every year, more and more bands get involved in the Muscatine Invite. The first Muskie Band Invitational was held in October 2011 with five bands. In 2012, seven bands attended; in 2013, eight bands competed. In 2014,11 bands performed; in 2015, 14 bands attended, and on October 8, 17 bands performed. The Muskies are hoping to get 20 bands to attend their competition next year.

In addition to halftime shows at every home football game and marching in the homecoming parade, the Mighty Muskie Marching Band competed at the Ft. Madison Marching Invitational, the Mt. Pleasant Marching Festival, and Marion Marching Invitational. They also performed in exhibition at the Muskie Band Invitational. This fall’s marching season concluded when the Muskie Band performed at Brady Street Stadium in Davenport at the State Marching Competition on Saturday, October 15 where the band received their 12th consecutive division 1 rating.