Kevin Jenison, Communications Manager, City of Muscatine

A discussion of the future of Muscatine was held at Muscatine Community College Wednesday as two members of the City Council, Tom Spread and Santos Saucedo, and two members of the public, Karl Reichert and Ann Brumback, sat down with MCC President Dr. Naomi DeWinter during Muscatine Viewpoint, a production of Public Access Channel Nine, to discuss several upcoming projects and the future of Muscatine after the election.

What could have been a heated discussion on many issues instead turned into open, and sometimes friendly, communication between the two sides. From a discussion of the positives and negatives of the future Port of Muscatine to the need for more housing, the two sides listened attentively and exchanged ideas.

The two council representatives noted that they were speaking as individuals and not as a member of City Council or as an agent for anyone.

As for the future of Muscatine, all four individuals expressed the need to resolve issues by sitting down and talking rather than discussions in social media.

“We all want what is best for Muscatine,” Saucedo said. “We may have different views but we must be willing to sit down, discuss and resolve those issues so we can get on with our primary goal of making Muscatine better.”

You can watch a replay of the program at: