The Muscatine YMCA has been undergoing construction since June 2017. This construction project includes a new gym with a track, a new teen center, a renovated weight room, and a whole new entryway.  

On Wednesday, December 27, the Y opened the new entryway area. This is a new place for members to check in. During the construction they were using a temporary entrance and guests would check in at desks set up in a hallway. The new entryway is bigger and more open, giving a more welcoming feel when you walk in. The help desk and check in desk have moved to the new entry so everyone can see them. 

Other features finished along with the new entryway are the new teen center and the new child adventure center. The new teen center has more up-to-date features and gives the teens a more private, clean area to hang out and have fun. 

This renovation could not have come at a more perfect time with holiday break, as the YMCA is hosting numerous events for teens and kids over the break. The teens will be breaking in their new teen room with movie days, video game days, nerf wars, and gym games.  

“It’s important that the kids have a nice, clean space to hang out,” says Amy Hessel, Character Development and Kids’ Club Director. 

This is just the beginning of a new image for the Muscatine Y. They are currently working on the new gym, the next project to be opened. From there they will move all the weight lifting equipment into the new gym temporarily while they renovate the current weight lifting area.  

As the Y continues their construction, they expect to continue to see growth in the amount of members taking advantage of the new renovations.