Our Muscatine Community YMCA is making progress on its expansion plans! The only hiccup is that we still have a lot of money to raise.

Beginning in August, you can expect to see a lot of changes at our Y. That’s because we’ve raised enough funds for Phase I of construction, and we’ve been planning for months (and in some ways even years) for this expansion.

Phase I will include a new Kids’ Adventure Center, new Welcome Center, redesigned Teen Center, as well as new office space and meeting rooms at ground level. We’ll also be adding a second floor! All exercise equipment and weights, cardio area, a new exercise classroom, and more will be located on a new upper level.

We’re excited about all these new spaces, but it doesn’t end there.

We’re at approximately 71% of our goal, and we still need to raise additional funds so we can execute Phase II and III of construction, which includes a new indoor flattened track suspended from the ceiling, new Youth Gymnasium, Family Locker Rooms, redesigned Indoor Cycling Room, and more!

Many local businesses and supporters have been very generous and helped us raise 5.1 million dollars so far. To those supporters, we are very grateful.  Now, we need our members and the community to step in and help us raise the rest of the money.

Every amount helps and moves us one step closer to our goal. A lot of people think that their $10 or $20 dollar donation isn’t enough, and that’s simply not true. Don’t get me wrong; the $100 and $1,000 dollar donations are great, too, but even the coins under your car seat will help!

We’ve made it very simple to make a donation. You can make a one-time gift, or you can set up a recurring payment on a credit card or out of a bank account.

If you make a one time $10 donation, it will help. If you make a $10 donation every month for 12 months, that’s $120. Or if you commit to two years, that’s $240, and that makes an even bigger impact. Multiply that by 10 people and you can see how quickly it adds up when we all work together!

We’re excited for our expansion because we know we can reach more people and make our community even better with these new spaces! We need everyone’s help. Will you please make a donation and help us grow?

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