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The 2017 asphalt overlay project was set to begin on Tuesday, September 12, according to Randy Howell, Street Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Muscatine. Illiowa Investments, Inc., was awarded the $519,250.10 contract by the Muscatine City Council on July 20, 2017.

Door knockers have been placed on residents’ homes in the area of streets to be milled, asking that no vehicles be parked on the street prior to the milling process. Milling cannot occur unless the section is clear of parked cars. No parking signs were put in place on Monday, September 11.

First up will be Washington Street from Diagonal Street to the River Road. The rest of the schedule for the first round of milling is:

  • McArthur Street (Lincoln Avenue to Summit Avenue)
  • Isett Avenue (East 11th Street to Woodlawn Avenue)
  • Cypress Street (East 11th Street to #9 Alley)
  • Jefferson Street (Lincoln Avenue to Fillmore Street)
  • Howard Street (Clay Street to Jackson Street)
  • Lincoln Avenue (Clay Street to Lake Park Boulevard)

Once the milling is complete on the first seven streets, Illlowa Investment, Inc., will proceed with the asphalt overlay, but that schedule has not yet been announced.

The second round of milling and overlay will include:

  • West Cleveland Street (Isett Avenue to Dead End)
  • 5th Avenue (Webster Street to Blaine Street)
  • Elfers Street (Grandview Avenue to Dead End)
  • 57th Street (67th Avenue to Railroad Tracks)
  • Eisenhower Street (Devitt Avenue to Dead End)


The asphalt overlay project is part of the pavement management program for the City of Muscatine and is funded through the road use tax fund and the local option sales tax fund. There are a total of 140 miles of streets throughout Muscatine that the Public Works Department is in charge of, in addition to the alleys and parking lots. Approximately $2.86 million has been spent on pavement management in the last six years, which includes curb and gutter replacement, full depth patch, crack sealing, and resurfacing.

If you have questions, contact the Public Works Department at (563) 263-8933.

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