Muscatine residents have scheduled an open public meeting for anyone with questions about the Muscatine River Drive Corridor Project to come and meet with the mayor.
Kas Kelly, Dave Metz and Jim Merideth will be hosting the event at Discovery Park on Wednesday, September 23 at 6 p.m.
Merideth says the meeting is to help gain a greater understanding.

“What we’d like to get out of this is public awareness of what’s going on in the community, letting people understand and know what’s happening with the riverfront project and to have questions answered that were brought up by many people that haven’t the resources to get the answers or are unsure where to go ask the questions to get their questions answered. Basically that’t about what we want. We want to have an informative meeting where there can be questions asked and answered by both sides and the public be aware of what is happening in their town.”