Muscatine Radiology recently acquired the equipment to perform three-dimensional mammograms. 3D mammograms deliver clear, high-resolution images that enable the radiologist to evaluate the patient’s tissue layer by layer in greater detail, allowing care providers a better chance to diagnose breast cancer at early stages.

“When you have dense breast tissue, on a 2D mammogram it will be seen as white, which is why we have to use compression. The idea is to compress to see through that tissue. The 3D separates that into layers so you can see through the overlapping tissues,” said Tricia Bedenbender of Muscatine Radiology. This reduces the need for a recall procedure by 40%. “Instead of seeing one image per view, the radiologist can see up to 40 or 50 pictures. With 3D mammography, it is a much better solution for our patients.”

Screening mammograms should begin at the age of 40, or earlier if there is a family history of breast cancer. Patients are asked to verify through their insurance provider to make sure that 3D mammography is covered. “We want people to know that if their insurance doesn’t cover it, we have the Susan G. Koman foundation grant to help fund the procedure,” Bedenbender said.

Muscatine Radiology has onsite radiologists who are able to read exams same day. “Early detection is so important. It is why we preach early detection,” said Jess Wittman, Marketing Director of Muscatine Radiology.