On Thursday, January 4, Jacob Walker was sworn in to the Muscatine Police Department. Jacob is a 22-year-old who has been working toward the goal of being an officer for several years. 

Walker tested for the Muscatine Police Department in August 2016, when he entered the hiring process for the department. He had since had to continue to prepare himself both mentally and physically in hopes that he would be hired as an officer for the City of Muscatine. Jacob was hired by the Muscatine Police Department in August 2017. 

Walker attended the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) from September 5, 2017, through December 20, 2017. He graduated from ILEA’s 277th Basic Academy Class on December 20, 2017. Prior to attending the Academy, he trained in martial arts, specifically tae kwon do, for about ten years. Not only did this help the physical aspect of his life, but also prepared him mentally, as the training helped him become more disciplined and focused. 

Walker has wanted to work in law enforcement or other service other since he was 8 years old. He was inspired to help others when his cousin Austin passed away in a house fire at age 6. Since then, he has wanted to protect others’ safety and serve others. 

“The drive to achieve this goal only continued to grow with each year that passed as I got older throughout my childhood and teenage years,” says Walker. 

Outside of work, Walker enjoys being active and staying involved in the community. He also enjoys spending time with his fiancée, Aricka Curtis, and his family. Walker strives to stay busy and productive all of the time. This is a trait he hopes to bring to his job as an officer and will help him be successful. 

“It is an honor to be able to serve and protect the city that I grew up in. Due to the fact that I was born and raised here in Muscatine, the city has more importance and significance to me than it might have to someone that is not from here,” Walker says. 

Walker says he is excited to start his new journey as a Muscatine Officer and is thankful for this opportunity.