A film produced by a Muscatine native is making its way around the nation. The film, titled Survivors Guide to Prison, is a documentary covering two people who were wrongfully imprisoned for murders they did not commit. Muscatine native Steve DeVore served as a producer on this movie.
DeVore, who now lives in Hermosa Beach, CA, began his life in film when he was visiting a friend in New York City. After he graduated, he moved to California. DeVore won an Emmy for his work with Fox Sports on the World Series in 2014. While he resides in California, he does love his hometown.
“I’m definitely very, very proud to be born and raised in Muscatine, but I gotta say the thing I probably relish the most is playing Kick the Can on Meadow Lane and running around in the corn fields,” DeVore said.
The film covers two different people’s stories about how they were wrongfully imprisoned. One of these people was wrongfully accused of murdering his mother. He was 17 years old at the time. He was only able to be released after his father passed away and he hired a private investigator. DeVore stated that he thinks this situation can happen to anybody.
“I think everybody walks out of their house every morning thinking that their day’s gonna be just fine and you really don’t know,” DeVore stated.
The work on this film, which brings huge names like Danny Trejo, Danny Glover, Ice-T, and Susan Sarandon together, has allowed everybody involved to meet many individuals who have been wronged by the justice system in one way or another.
“It’s made us producers and filmmakers on the film very passionate about the subject,” DeVore said.
The film has partnered with innocence programs and criminal justice reform programs in every state to have a theatrical tour. The film is being screened in select cities across the country and will show in Muscatine on May 3 at the Palms Theatre. DeVore will be present and stated that a Q&A will be held after the first of two showings. An individual from the Innocence Project of Iowa will be present alongside a state senator and an individual who was wrongly incarcerated.
For those who cannot make the premiere or want to watch at home, the film is available via video-on-demand services such as Amazon and iTunes, as well as on local cable networks and the likes of DirecTV, Comcast, and Spectrum.
Survivors Guide to Prison will be screened at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at the Palms Theatre in Muscatine on May 3. The film’s runtime is 1:42.