The City of Muscatine Environmental Laboratory Services has been certified by the State of Iowa Department of Natural Resources for drinking water testing.   Muscatine Environmental Laboratory Services is part of the City of Muscatine Water Pollution Control Plant located at 1202 Musser Street and performs water testing for the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The laboratory is now certified for drinking water analysis for total coliform/E. coli, nitrate, nitrite, and fluoride.  The laboratory is able to provide testing services to communities and housing developments  with public water supplies including private wells.  Homeowners should test their well water every year for Total Coliform and Nitrate analysis to ensure the safety of their health.

Total coliform analysis can test for potential contamination from microorganisms that have the potential to cause illnesses.  Coliform bacteria does not have a taste or smell that is noticeable in the water.  The total coliform test can also verify if E. coli bacteria are present in the water source.  E. coli is a confirmation of fecal contamination from warm-blooded animals.

Nitrates occur naturally in the environment, but an excess of them can cause what is termed “blue baby” syndrome when the nitrates exceed 10 mg/L in the water used for bottle fed babies. Nitratetesting is required to ensure that the nitrate level does not exceed the limit.  Homeowners with older people, infants who are being bottle-fed, young children or pregnant women are strongly encouraged to test for Nitrates.

For testing and laboratory pricing questions, contact Muscatine Environmental Laboratory Services for information on testing by calling Patti Fuller-Bloechl at (563) 263-2752 or by email at[email protected].