One of the greatest challenges of organizational leadership is coordinating schedules. At Muscatine High School there are over 35 extracurricular clubs, like the Anime, Art, and German clubs. Included in this are co-curricular organizations like band and choir, in which students spend many hours outside of the classroom and receive academic credit. Also, over 20 athletic teams are sponsored by Muscatine High School. Balancing these schedules is crucial to the high school staff as well as students and their families.

In previous years, each program had a calendar that was updated by the coach or supervisor of the organization. This proved to be cumbersome to navigate at times. Mike Morgan, former MHS Vice Principal and newly appointed Activities Director, is part of the changeover to a new system called R-School that will hopefully streamline this process. “What we want to be able to do is to be better with our communication to the public and to our parents,” said Morgan. “We want to make sure that any of the changes that may happen due to weather or change of venue are available quickly and consistently to people who care about the events that are taking place.”

This program is being implemented in August at the high school level and has the potential to become a district-wide scheduling tool. “This is one central area for families and any community member to go in and see what is going on. The goal for this is to be a place where all schools in the district have their events scheduled through this system, and that way, the community can see what events are happening and when and where they are taking place.”

Ranging from athletics, clubs, and arts to academic events, R-school provides a simple, user-friendly webpage that is accessed through the school website, where interested parties can register to get alerts district wide or select the specific events they want to follow. “If we have a rainout or a venue change, we simply update it in R-school and alerts are immediately pushed out to the people who have registered for the alerts, and the live calendar is instantly updated on the website,” said Morgan.

Most of the schools in Eastern Iowa have implemented this system, and it allows for the schools to communicate better for activities and events. “It works really well, especially in the summer or during playoffs. It isn’t just for our fans and supporters of our school. If we have a playoff game and kids are added to a roster, we update the roster, and the other school has it immediately. It is a major time-saver for all.”

The public can access the new Muscatine High School calendar by visiting