Boxing has been described as “a gentleman’s sport” for centuries. For the Muscatine County Boxing Club, the sport is an avenue to develop young men and women athletically, academically, and socially. Club coach Santos Saucedo began working with the club in 2012. “It is a huge impact on the community, as far as being able to affect the kids who had low self-esteem, and confidence issues, and maybe not the best social skills.” Saucedo’s program requires each athlete to be in school and keep quality academic standards. “We feel this program touches on the elements necessary to build character and integrity in these kids.”
Athletes in the MCBC do not pay for being a part of the organization if they are in school and maintaining the club standard. “We do sometimes serve more at-risk parts of the community, but we want to make sure everyone who wants to be a part of the organization can, as long as they keep up their end.”
The fruits of their labor in the gym have turned into success in the ring. Adrian Rubio, Traye Thorne, and William Alvelo all took to the ring in the Silver Gloves Regional Tournament held in Muscatine last week. The fighters each had to win a state competition to qualify. Rubio earned second place in the 80-pound class. Alvelo took second place at 100 pounds. Thorne, who is one of the top fighters nationally in his weight class, was victorious in the 90-pound class and will now advance to the national tournament in Kansas City.
“I really like training and sparring,” Rubio said, explaining why boxing has been a sport he enjoys. Thorne said, “I just expect to win, and it’s a fun sport.”
The Muscatine County Boxing Club is hosting a fundraiser on January 24, 2017, at Boonie’s on the Avenue. The MCBC is a non-profit organization that receives support through the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine. If you would like to donate or sponsor, visit