A group of athletes from Muscatine traveled to compete in the Special Olympics State Summer Games. Athletes:Tim Schlopkhol, Travis Frazier, Daniel Reecy, Kevin Brockert, Dick Vetter, Corey Leonhard, Travis Moss, Jerad Rathjen, Danielle Mally, David Ingersoll, Angela Collins, Zack Talbot, Tara Moore, Randy Tracy, Jeremy Drayfahl, Nikki Crossett, Mathew Trujillo, Kom Ordway, Chad Lenz, Bob Moore, Deb Reddick, Kaziah Solomon, Nathan Paulsen, Kris Twigg, Adie Strong, Jay Small, Lucas Hines, Alex Creamer, Greg Timmerman, Sharon Millage, Adam Rininger, Cal Brus, Viktor Lara, Ben Draves, Brady Cook, Sara Maurer, Shaylin Honts, Nolan Mills, Dray Keefe, Logan Keefe, Bill Keefe, Ryan Keefe, Rochelle LeCompte, Brookie Robison, Christopher Hilton, and Wendy Thompson all qualified to compete in a variety of events. The athletes competed in Track and Field, Swimming, Soccer, Bocce, Golf and more.


Swimmer photo caption:

Row 1: Nolan Millls

Row 2: From left to right: Kevin Brockert, Addie Strong, Kim Ordway, Daniel Reecy, Jared Rathjen

Row 3: Nathan Paulsen, Deb Reddick, Travis Moss, Adam Rininger