In June of 2014 Fighting Chance Solutions launched their innovative active shooter security device The Sleeve. In 12 months the company opened a new office in downtown Muscatine, and began placing their security product in schools, office buildings, military bases, and medical facilities all over the United States. The team at FCS learned that while The Sleeve is a tremendous product for most door applications, often times in residential and office settings the door opened inward and often times didn’t have a door closer. This application meant they had to find a new solution to help secure that door. While the company was founded on the tenants of supporting security efforts during an Active Shooter situation, their new product, The Rampart Security Bar, has multiple uses. It has been sold to customers to serve as a door barricade in the event of a violent intruder, but this product has merit as an extra layer of security for your door like in a residential setting. President and CEO of FCS Daniel Nietzel said “This is something that I can see every person who lives alone, or has a spouse who travels a lot for work having in their home.”  

When FCS started down the road of finding a security bar solution to provide their customers they purchased several options that you can purchase at a big box store. Nietzel said “I went out and bought the product my wife had in her apartment in Cedar Falls when we were in college, I figured we could start selling that.” What the team soon discovered was that product failed even the calmest of tests. Nietzel shared “that product failed with even the smallest push, I applied very little force and the metal sheered to point where it was irreparable.”

After rigorous testing and brainstorming session, The Rampart Security Bar was their final product. It is an extruded aluminum bar that has 4 adjustment points to allow it to fit on almost any door. A strong pin system allows the force to disperse throughout the bar and the angle causes the foot to grip any flooring surface. Nietzel literally was knocked down by the kickback to door sent back into his body when he attempted to breach the door.

This company is constantly striving to offer inexpensive solutions to help people stay safe from an unwanted intruder entering their space.  You can learn more about their products at