MP&W and MCC announce the new CIVIC-TV

Subscribers to Muscatine Power and Water’s MPW DigitalTV will soon have a single place to go for programming related to Muscatine’s city government, county government and school district. The new CIVIC-TV is scheduled to launch September 15th on MPW DigitalTV channels 2 and 702.
“CIVIC-TV will not only merge the content currently on channels 2 and 3 into one convenient channel,” said Erika Cox, Community and Employee Relations Director, “but, we’ve been working with our partners at Muscatine Community College (MCC) to create a more robust viewing experience for subscribers.”
At a time when many local cable systems are eliminating local access channels altogether, MP&W and MCC have been brainstorming ways to recreate CIVIC-TV into a “destination” channel by producing and introducing new programs in addition to the public meetings, public service messaging and popular talk programs currently on channels 2 and 3.
“It’s always great to see organizations put their heads together and cooperate on community betterment initiatives,” said Dr. Naomi DeWinter, MCC President. “Our Studio Manager, Chad Bishop, has been working closely with MP&W and City, County and School District staff to ensure that CIVIC-TV becomes the community resource we all know it can be.”
“From the time we first launched MPW Digital TV, we’ve provided local access channels to make community information available to our customers,” said General Manager, Sal LoBianco, “but we want more than just to have our citizens be well informed, we want them to be engaged in all of the great things happening in our community and what it has available.”
Also on September 15th MPW DigitalTV will introduce secondary feeds of other local access channels. Public Access Channel 9 will become available on channel 709, Commercial Access Channel 17 on 717 and ReMax Channel 5 on channel 705. Local programming found on channel 3 will be moved to the new CIVIC-TV on channels 2 and 702.
One new feature that will be available is the ability for viewers to schedule recordings in advance and record entire series of specific programs using their on-screen guide in conjunction with an MPW Digital Video Recorder (DVR). DVR recordings can be made manually now, but MP&W and MCC are currently working to incorporate the CIVIC-TV schedule into the guide which will make “one-touch”, advance and series recordings possible. Details and preparations are being worked out currently and they expect to launch that feature shortly.
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Programming that will be available on CIVIC-TV:

• Live City Council Meetings and rebroadcasts
• Live School Board Meetings and rebroadcasts
• Live County Board Meetings and rebroadcasts
• Live 4th of July Parade and rebroadcasts
• Special event broadcasts (MHS graduation, Legislative forums, Candidate forums, etc.)

Parks & Rec event slides
City of Muscatine event/info slides
County event/info slides
School Board event/info slides
• Various Community College and High/Middle/Elementary schools event/info slides
• Bulletin board (scrolling-type announcements (related events, school lunch menus, fundraisers, etc.)

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