These last few weeks, I have been given an inside look at what Muscatine County is all about. As someone completely new to the community, I do not have much experience with what really goes on in Muscatine.

I have had several opportunities to speak with non-profits and charitable groups about what they are doing to improve the overall “state” of our city. None have struck me quite like my conversations with the folks from the Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA).

I spoke in detail with Scott Dahlke from MCSA about what they are doing to help people here in town. We touched on topics like their welding programs and their goals on procuring more affordable housing units. The MCSA has been working with jobless men and women to equip them for job opportunities, namely in conjunction with several businesses here in Muscatine and in partnership with MCC, which is helping to teach job skills to those that may have no prior training.

I am encouraged by what I see them doing to set participants on pathways to success. One often sees programs that will raise money to help keep people afloat for the time being, but MCSA is preparing them for a better future where they can provide for themselves. I am in awe of the incredible task MCSA has presented themselves with, and how they give the community so many opportunities to get involved in these programs as well.

I am thankful that we at the Voice of Muscatine can provide a platform for groups like the MCSA to share what they are trying to accomplish and highlight the incredible journeys that are happening right now in Muscatine County. I wish them nothing but good luck, and I hope there will be more chances to provide an outlet for MCSA in the future.