What I wouldn’t give to be a kid again! That has been a thought running through my head all week since I spoke with Krista Reginnitter from the Iowa State Extension office in Muscatine. Krista joined me on Moving Forward on the 11th and spoke with me about the many different programs that they have for the youth in our Community.

The Iowa State Extension office is doing their part to keep students’ minds active, even when they are on break. The Extension office hosts a variety of youth summer day camps throughout the summer, ranging from kitchen training to science and biology and even computer coding. I am encouraged to see these many different programs that are giving students the opportunity to continue learning through the summer, while still having fun and taking a genuine interest in their studies.

Summer camps can be incredibly beneficial to a student and have a refreshing effect on them. They get the chance to continue learning without being in the normal classroom environment. Krista mentioned that their programs focus a lot on hands-on learning. So, rather than a lecture-based curriculum, they are instead getting to interact with the lesson in a more participatory form. For some students, direct participation is the key to learning the material, so seeing them given the chance to take part in programs like this is heartening.

I am glad that the Iowa State Extension office has taken a proactive approach to furthering the education of youth here in Muscatine. If you have a student in 1st – 3rd grade and are interested in these programs, you can see them all at www.extension.iastate.edu/muscatine.