Holy Batman Lego Movie, Batman

The Lego Batman Movie follows the adventures of Batman as he fights the criminals of Gotham City while learning the importance of teamwork.

Pro – Fun for all

The Lego Batman Movie has something for almost everyone. For the kids, it’s a visual feast. The action is fast and fun, and there is a great excitement to seeing Batman fly, drive, and swing all over a Lego Gotham. He also fights his greatest foes and some major baddies he’s never battled before, too. It’s truly toys come to life.

For the adults, the film is full of humor and pop culture references that will soar right over the kids’ heads. Batman fans especially will delight in all the Easter eggs and inside jokes, especially those connected to the old 1960s series and film. It’s not just Batman stuff, either; there is so much crammed into the film that it would take a few viewings just to hear and understand all the pop culture Easter eggs and references.

Pro – Story

The Lego Batman Movie tells a fairly compelling story, and plot-wise, it’s in the top half of Batman films in that department. The film pokes at the recent trend to make Batman the ultimate loner.  Batman can only do so much on his own, and in the film he has to learn the value of trusting and working with his family and team in order to succeed. It’s a good message for kids, and makes for an interesting plot around which to hang all the punching, comedy, evil overlords, and Lego block destruction.  The most interesting concept, which the film only briefly toys with, is the idea that after all the years of service and fighting, Gotham doesn’t seem to be any better off despite the presence of Batman. It’s true, if you think about it, and would have been an idea worthy of further consideration.

Con – Chaotic Action

The only real drawback to the film is the chaotic pace of the action. Things are happening so fast throughout the film that it can be hard to follow. At times it felt like I was watching the move in fast forward. It certainly will keep the kids engaged, but I almost felt a sense of stress, trying to see all the action. Lego blocks explode everywhere and jokes fly through the air like a comedian trying to do a twenty-minute set in thirty seconds. On the bright side, if you have kids, it’s a film they’ll want to watch again, and you’ll likely leave the film feeling like there was plenty you didn’t quite see.

The Lego Batman Movie is a good Lego movie and a good Batman movie. It abandons the dark tones of the recent films and provides a fun, visually arresting romp through Lego Gotham City. This movie is fun for kids and adults alike.