The Fate of the Furious once again finds Dom and his “family” working together to stop a global threat to world peace

Pro – Action

The Fast and the Furious franchise has morphed into the premiere action franchise of the last 20 years. From humble beginnings as a somewhat plausible undercover car heist movie, it has slowly evolved into a full-on world-saving series. As the movie numbers have increased, so have the star power and the stakes.

The Fate of the Furious continues this trend. Everything is more and bigger. There are more and bigger fight scenes, more and bigger explosions, and more and bigger stakes. The film does remember its roots as a car movie, and makes sure to give us more and bigger cars as well. Many of the vehicles in the movieare supporting characters in their own right.

Pro – Fun

The Fast and Furious series is silly, unrealistic, and over-the-top. The movies don’t succeed in spite of this, but rather because of it. The franchise in general, and this film in particular, are great because they embrace these things.

These movies are crammed with funny dialogue, both planned and unplanned. They have awesome soundtracks and amazing cars. They’ve got great action that is often more unrealistic than many superhero movies. They are full of beautiful people in exotic locations just hanging out all over the place and acting cool. In short, they have in spades the one thing too many movies forget to include: fun. The Fate of the Furious is no exception. This movie’s goal is to be fun, and it is wildly successful at it.

Neutral – It is what it is

The Fate of the Furious is exactly what you expect it to be. Especially starting with the Fast the Furious (#4), the last fivemovies have all been the same. They are this fascinating and predictable combination of a James Bond film mixed with Oceans 11 and a really fancy car show. There is nothing new here. If you love the mix of ridiculous action, amazing cars, and fun from the last four movies, you will love this movie. If you didn’t, you won’t like this one.

The Fate of the Furious is a chance to hang out with the characters of the last four films in their world. Take it or leave it. That said, many people will and should be happy to take it. As a person who goes to a lot of movies, probably the best compliment I can give this series and this film is the diverse audience that turns out to watch. There is a lot to like for a lot of different people; just don’t expect to like this movie if you haven’t enjoyed the last four films.


The Fate of the Furious is more of the same, much to the packed theater’s delight.  Race out to catch it on the big screen.