On November 29, Monsanto Company of Muscatine donated their older ambulance to the Fruitland Fire Department. Monsanto had purchased a newer unit for the plant and wanted to use the older unit to help the community.

Monsanto Plant Manager Shawn Schrader said, “We chose Fruitland Fire Department from a conversation we had with a current Monsanto employee who is Trustee in Fruitland and a member of our Plant Emergency team. He asked us to consider donating our older unit to the community. Knowing the need existed locally made it a win for everyone.”

Monsanto has their own fleet of emergency vehicles, including a 1993 E-1 Foam Pumper, 2001 Pierce Enforcer Fire Engine, 2009 Wheeled Coach Ambulance, Triage, Foam and Breathing Air trailers. Their original fire engine was a 1968 National Foam Pumper and it was donated to the Muscatine Fire Department in 1993.

Schrader said Monsanto of Muscatine has a close connection with emergency crews in the area and enjoys helping to build skills and relationships among all the departments. He said, “Our facility trains routinely alongside many fire departments in Muscatine and Louisa Counties as part of our mutual aid agreements. We have hosted training events here at the plant and have participated in offsite training events hosted by other departments as well.”

Don Briggs, Fire Chief of the Fruitland Fire Department, said, “I think the community of Fruitland will be very appreciative of the donation. As Fire Chief, I want to say thank you to Monsanto. It’ll help us out considerably.”

Schrader said, “With the donation, we are grateful to be able to give back and make a positive difference in the communities we live and operate in.”