The Iowa High School All-State Music Festival celebrated their 71st year. Muscatine sent 17 students to participate in band, orchestra, and choir.

Seery Awbrey is a junior soprano who will be making the trip to Ames for the first time. “The rehearsals with my group were really fun. It was hard to get together, so we had to get together later at night and all four of us in the quartet making it. I didn’t think I was going to make it because this was my first year,” Awbrey said.

The students will rehearse with a choir of 600 people. “I am looking forward to singing with the massive choir and hearing what that wall of sound is like,” Awbrey said.

Ezekiel Ellis is making his second trip to Ames in the choir. “I made it as a different voice part this year, so I am excited to see how that goes,” Ellis said.

Brian Prussman will be making his first trip as a member of the All State as a baritone player. “I just enjoy the family aspect of band,” said Prussman.


Accepted students include:

Seery Awbrey – Choir – Soprano I

Madison Bebber – Choir – Alto I

Jack Eichelberger – Orchestra – String Bass

Zeke Ellis – Choir – Bass I

Brissa Echevarria – Orchestra – String Bass

Isabelle Hartman – Orchestra – String Bass

Lauren Kundel – Orchestra – String Bass

Lauren is a four-year All-State student, meaning she has been selected to perform in the All-State orchestra all four years of high school. This is very rare and indicative of her excellence as a bassist and musician.

Joshua Lary – Choir – Tenor II

McKenzie Lofgren – Choir – Soprano I

Njeri Mungara – Choir – Alto II

Odysseus Orr – Band – Trumpet

Brian Prussman – Band – Baritone

Drake Rudolph – Choir – Bass I

Ethan Sherer – Band – Trombone

Elizabeth Shield – Choir – Alto I

Leah Shield – Choir – Soprano I