The Muscatine Speech and Debate team headed to Davenport West on December 2 to compete in a variety of events. The team experienced great success at the tournament.


Derek Sloat took 2nd in Mixed Extemperaneous, Jessica Ahluwalia took 4th in Mixed Extemperaneous and 5th in Spontaneous Speaking, and Abbie Enriquez took 6th in Extemperaneous Speaking.


Aura Niaves took 1st in Dramatic Interp, Ezekiel Ellis took 2nd in Dramatic Interp and 3rd in Spontaneous Speaking, the team of Hannah Pautz and Caylie Mchonaha took 2nd in Duo Interp, the team of Kevin Aguilar and Ngonyo Mungara took 3rd in Duo Interp, and the team of Jeremiah Daniels and Lucy Brookhart took 4th in Duo Interp.


Gabe Dipple took 1st in Humourous Interp, Daniel Salazar took 2nd in Humourous Interp, Jiselle Martinez took 3rd in Humourous Interp, and Celeste Franco took 5th in Humourous Interp.


Seery Awbrey took back-to-back firsts in Program Oral Interp and Spontaneous Speaking, Kristen Schlawin took 2nd in Program Oral Interp, Jeremiah Daniels took 3rd in Program Oral Interp, Mercedes Smith took 5th in Program Oral Interp, Kjirsten Osland took 2nd in Public Speaking, Dalton Belokopetus took 5th in Public Speaking, and Raquel Navarette took 6th in Public Speaking.


The team has a week off before heading to Des Moines Lincoln and hopes to do well at national qualifiers in February.