By Kennedy Williams

The Iowa All-State Music Festival features an elite group of students in band, orchestra, and choir. High school students from all over Iowa have the opportunity to audition for All-State, and the top students are selected. Muscatine High School has had a handful of students from band, orchestra, and choir make All-State every year for the last several years, and they are hoping for even better results at this year’s All-State auditions.

Among them is Emily Fillmore. Fillmore is a senior at Muscatine High School. She is involved in choir, orchestra, and cross country. Emily plays the violin and has auditioned and made the All-State orchestra three years in a row. She has played the violin since she was five years old. In a normal week she practices her violin about 14 hours, up until two weeks before auditions, when she practices for 30 hours a week. This may seem crazy to most people, but her dedication and love for music have only made her a stronger musician.

The All-State concert takes place in the Hilton Coliseum at Iowa State University.

“The last few years there have been great conductors and performers that have graced the hall with their presence, and I just hope that I am lucky enough to be with them one last time,” says Fillmore. Emily has worked hard on the violin for 12 years and she hopes that she can make All-State a fourth and final time.

All-State is a tedious process that band, choir, and orchestra students have been practicing for since July. The week of auditions, all students are working hard practicing their music every chance they get.

Muscatine is proud of Emily and all the other students auditioning for All-State. Results were not available at press time but can be found on the