Muscatine High School hosts annual blood drives at the school as a way of educating students on what it means to give blood and what it can do to save lives. Getting students involved at a young age sets them up to be more likely donors in the future.

MHS student Micaela Brunson was always helping others throughout her life, in many different ways. After Micaela’s passing on November 14, 2016, she continued to bring smiles and love throughout the community with the memories she created. Micaela was a blood donor and an organ donor. When she passed away, her corneas and hair were donated.

Participating in blood drives was another activity that Micaela loved being involved with. “I remember her bringing me the permission slip to sign to give blood at school. It was important to her,” said Alma Brunson, Micaela’s mother.

On Friday, February 16, Muscatine High School will host their annual blood drive in honor of Micaela, for her 18th birthday.

The Brunson family collaborated with the high school key club to make this event possible. “Our family was so moved by the outpouring support from our community when Micaela passed, we wanted to give back,” says Alma. High schoolers can sign up and participate at MHS, but anyone can donate at the Mississippi Regional Blood center.

After Micaela’s death, many people reached out to the Brunsons, sharing stories of how Micaela had touched their life in positive ways. Micaela’s passing can be used as a reminder to spread love and happiness to others, and to be somebody who makes everyone feel like somebody, because that is what Micaela did. Her smile and laugh will never be forgotten. Micaela could make someone feel important with something as simple as her smile. If you are unable to give blood, you can still do something in Micaela’s memory by performing an act of kindness, as Micaela always did.