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Elections for Muscatine Community School District board members will be held on September 12 this year. Citizens may be curious about how members are elected to the school board. The process of electing school board members differs from other elections that voters may be more familiar with in that citizens elect members to the board, but the board decides what positions members hold after the election.

According to Board Policies & Regulations Section 201.4: “The school election takes place on the second Tuesday in September of odd-numbered years. Each school election is used to elect citizens to the board to maintain a 7-member board and to address questions that are submitted to the voters.”

Nominations are closed for this year’s election because it is less than 40 days away. “Citizens of the school district community seeking a seat on the board must file their nomination papers with the board secretary, or the board secretary’s designee, between 64 and 40 days before the school election unless otherwise directed.”

This year there are three positions up for reelection. There are five people running. The three candidates with the most votes will join the board. The school board election is not a situation in which one candidate runs against the current seat holder.

Candidates running for a seat on the board this year are Tammi Drawbaugh, Timothy Bower, Chris Anderson, Toby McCarter, and Beverly Gerdts. Tammi Drawbaugh and Timothy Bower are both current members of the board running for reelection. Randy Naber’s term is up, and he is not running for reelection.

After members of the board are appointed, the board holds an internal election to elect President and Vice President. This means that even if Tammi Drawbaugh is reelected to the board, she may not remain President of the board.

For more information about the school board and to view the Board Policies and Regulations in their entirety, visit the Muscatine Community School District’s website.

The school board election is independent from any other election. Voters can cast their vote at their assigned precincts. If you are unsure of your voting precinct, contact the County Auditor at (563) 263-5821 or search online at sos.iowa.gov/elections/voterreg/pollingplace. Voting times in Muscatine will be 7 am – 8 pm and in L&M, West Liberty, Wilton will be 12pm – 8pm.

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