It feels as though summer has barely begun, yet here we are preparing for a brand new school year. Online registration opened for Muscatine School District students on Monday, July 11. The big all-district registration day is scheduled for Monday, August 1 at MHS from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and if you can believe it, the first day of the 20162017 school year is only five short weeks away.
I realize your response to this information is dependent on your role in the upcoming events. As a mom, back-to-school shopping was a joyous time of the year. I relate to the feelings I experienced as a child during the month of December. The promise of Santa showing up with gifts and goodies on Christmas Day had me in anticipation all month long. Preparing for the first day of school always made me giddy. I could be seen almost skipping into the store, plucking a school supplies list from the rack and, with a click of my heels, hustling to the Back-To-School section.
I am blessed to have a son and a daughter, so I never had to choose between the girlie, sparkly supplies and the sporty, manly items. But the fight would often begin when I brought home anything with animals on it. Of course, everyone loves a cute dog folder as much as the other, so why didn’t I buy two? My family has always been fortunate to have enough. Nothing extravagant, but we were blessed to be able to afford all the supplies needed to ensure the kids were ready for their first day back.
However, many children around us don’t have what they need. Some kids go to that first day of school empty-handed. Walking to a new classroom with a new teacher and making new friends is near impossible when you don’t have the basic tools for success. If you can, please pick up a couple extra supplies: maybe some crayons or pencils, possibly a few notebooks or even a calculator, and make a donation to the United Way. You can drop school supplies off at their office located at 208 West Second Street, Suite 201 in downtown Muscatine. Help give students in your community the head start they need.