The Student Leadership Team made up of fifth-grade students at Madison Elementary conducted a book drive to collect books for a school in Moline, Franklin Elementary, that suffered fire damage and no longer has the use of books or a school library.


The book drive was a one-week event back in late October where each grade level was given a box and an invitation to help provide for other kids in need. Leadership team members spoke with each classroom at Madison to make them aware of the situation and encourage them to support the cause.  Team members left boxes for each grade level to deposit books into, and then counted them at the end of the week. The total number of books collected and donated was 693.


Last week, the leadership team delivered the books to Franklin Elementary at their temporary location at WIU in Moline. The principal, along with the Franklin student council, were there to receive the books.  Madison students were given a tour of the library at the temporary site and a chance to visit with the Franklin students for a few minutes. A group photo was taken and a new friendship was created between Madison of Muscatine and Franklin of Moline.