This school year, Madison Elementary School has been setting and reaching goals for their students to practice using good behavior skills. This could mean cleaning up trash they see on the ground, walking in the hallway, or treating others with respect.

The students can be rewarded “awesome tickets” from any staff member for showing good behavior. They can also be sent to the principal’s office with good behavior, rather than just being sent for bad behavior.

Teachers can send their students to the principal’s office with a letter to Mrs. Zillig, Madison’s principal, explaining what the student did well, and the student gets to choose a prize out of Mrs. Zillig’s prize bucket, while the letter from their teacher can be displayed for all to see. Stephanie Zillig felt this was a better way to encourage students by praising the things they do well rather than just discipling them for what they do wrong.

“We try to focus on the good things that our students do, and reward them for their good behavior, not just punish negative behavior,” Zillig said.

The students have set a goal this year to minimize the amount of negative office referrals that students receive. They set up a goal system so that every five days the students go without a negative office referral, they get a celebration. The students get to choose their celebrations, some of them being hat day, crazy sock day, extra recess, or cookie parties.

For their 25th day of no office referrals, Mrs. Zillig surprised the students with a bounce house. Every class got their turn to play in the bounce house throughout the day on Tuesday, December 9.

The bounce house was donated to the school by Bash ‘n Bounce. Bash ‘n Bounce donates to Madison and every other elementary school four times a year, and the principals can use the bounce houses however they want. They can use it for carnivals, attendance parties, or any other event.

The students will continue to be rewarded for every five days that they go office-referral free and will continue choosing their rewards for their good behavior in school.