Subscribers to Muscatine Power and Water’s MachLink® Internet should notice a big difference in the speed of their Internet connection now, as technicians have completed all necessary work to enable the free speed increases MP&W announced last month.

“Our team has been working for weeks to make this happen,” said Erika Cox, Community and Employee Relations Director. “MP&W is a customer-driven organization.  We’ve seen customer use of bandwidth grow, and increasing our Internet speeds at no additional charge is our way of saying thanks for choosing MachLink Internet.”

MP&W announced earlier that they would be at least doubling speeds and many customers have been experiencing higher speeds over the last month.  “Our first speed increases were completed the week of March 23rd and each week additional speed increases were rolled out.  Our last group of speed increases was completed April 21st after installation of new equipment.  All of our customers are at the higher speeds now,” noted Cox.

“We’re proud to say that all MachLink cable modem users have access to Internet speed options that are far above the national average and are the fastest and most reliable in Muscatine,” said Cox.

Cox also noted that while 100 Mbps is currently the highest speed available to MachLink customers, even faster speeds will soon be an option. MP&W continues to work toward its goal of making Muscatine the area’s first “Gigabit Community” with its Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Project, a fiber-optic network capable of delivering Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps).

FTTH is in the system design phase and will roll out over the next 12 to 18 months. At that time, residential and Business Class users will have the option of increasing their Internet speed up to 1Gbps (1024 Mbps). MPW DigitalTV customers can also expect new fidelity and features over the fiber-optic network in the near future. In addition, community leaders predict the new all-fiber infrastructure will make Muscatine an attractive target for companies and individual power-users seeking to live in a Gigabit city.

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