On Wednesday, March 28 at 6 p.m., Louisa Muscatine High School held a prom tux night at the school. This was an event for junior and senior boys to go into the school and look at tuxedos with a variety of colors, styles, and accessories.

Moments with Class is the company that L-M High School goes through to get their caps and gowns, class rings, and other senior apparel. Moments came in the night before to set up for the students to browse their options and get fitted for a tux. The students were given full package options that included shoes, vests, and the suit itself. The students could make their own selections and design their own style. Dates were welcome at the event to help pick out colors and style to best match their dresses.

This is the second year Moments has offered this event for junior and senior students. The school will continue to offer this event as long as students want to participate. The event was meant to make it easy for students to have access to a tuxedo in order to participate in prom. The tuxedos will be dropped off at the school the week of prom and students will change after the dance and return their tuxedo that night, requiring no extra trips for the wearer.