Laura Liegois of Muscatine is known as a community leader, a mother of two, a former Muscatine Solid Waste Manager, and small business owner. Building on this service, Liegois announced her candidacy to represent Iowa’s 91st House District, which includes Muscatine, Fruitland, Stockton, and Walcott. 


Laura is the wife of Jason Liegois, an educator, and they have two children, Jacob and Madeline. Laura was born and raised in Muscatine and volunteers frequently throughout the community. She has worked with the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce, The Salvation Army, Muscatine Community College Alumni, the Muscatine Diabetes Project, and the Muscatine Boxing Club. She also volunteers at Vineyard Church and Muscatine High School. Liegois was named as One of 50 Faces of Volunteerism by the Governor and the Greater Chamber of Commerce of Muscatine’s Volunteer of Year in 2016. 


“I am running for the Iowa House because we desperately need to stop playing politics and do what’s right for people. From being raised here to now raising my kids here, Muscatine values of common sense, civility and compromise are deeply ingrained in me. Those are the values I will take to the Iowa House,” Liegois said. 


Liegois owns Municipal Connections, which teams with government organizations, non-profits, and small businesses, making an effort to improve communities. Liegois is also an educator at Eastern Iowa Community College. She previously worked with Muscatine and surrounding communities with numerous environmental programs. 


“People in Muscatine County work hard, and I want to work hard for them to have a better quality of life. This includes better paying job opportunities, health care, and the 

best education that will engage students in learning for a lifetime,” said Liegois. “It’s time politicians get back to the basics in the State Legislature–that means improving public 

safety, wages, health care, and education.” 


Liegois says she intends to work hard to represent her community positively and do what she can to protect it whether she is in office or not.