Kolors 4 Kids Kid ambassadors
Aramis Colon
Aramis was born to Eddie and Brandi Colon on February 6, 2012. Brandi was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was sent to the University to be monitored. She would be there for a week before they performed an emergency C-section. Aramis arrived six weeks early and weighed 4 lbs. 12oz. He would stay in the NICU for 32 days. During that stay, we learned that he had three holes in his heart. The doctors said they might close before we left, but if they didn’t, he would require surgery, which they would prefer to do when he was at least six months old. We brought Aramis home at the end of March. Only one hole had closed at the time of discharge. Aramis had a difficult time at home. He was too good for a baby, and that worried the doctors. He slept through the night from the moment he got home. We didn’t experience that getting up every two hours for feelings. The doctors explained that for Aramis, it’s like he’s running a marathon and drinking at the same time. He was too tired to do anything; that’s why he slept all the time. The doctors said they didn’t want to wait until he was six months old to operate. On May 10, 2012, Aramis underwent open heart surgery to repair the two holes. Aramis’s recovery was amazing; he only stayed four days when they had planned for seven. Aramis’s two-year check went well and they were pleased over his physical activity. Aramis doesn’t haven’t go back until he is seven; at that time they will also give him the OK to play sports.
Ryker Doy
Stephanie and Nicholas Doy welcomed their son Ryker on July 22, 2014. Stephanie delivered her son in Muscatine and almost immediately he was transported by ambulance to the NICU at the University of Iowa Hospitals for breathing issues. Upon further tests, they discovered he had transient tachypnea, which is where the lungs don’t completely fill with air. For that stay, Ryker was in the NICU for seven days. Since that first hospitalization, he has been admitted two more times, the second time in March of 2015 for pneumococcal meningitis. During our stay in 2015, Dr. Maggie Koos was our resident doctor and she has stuck with the Doys ever since. The Doy family considers her “truly a blessing to our family. We have really found a friend in her. She is now Ryker’s pediatric doctor as well as the doctor that is helping with him now during his stay.”
Ryker also had hearing aids and now has cochlear implants due to severe hearing loss from meningitis. Also on Ryker’s care team are his audiologists, Dr. Nick and Dr. Shea. The Doys work closely with Tonya VanVoorst and Stephanie Gogel.