For an avowed “gear-head” like Jerry Beeding of Muscatine, a new titanium knee seems a perfect fit. “That right knee, that’s my kicker knee,” said Jerry. “I’d had knee problems for a long time just from riding motorcycles for many years and a few accidents, too, along the way.”


For years, Jerry tried everything from arthroscopy to cortisone injections and a brace. Everything worked, temporarily. “Last year I found out my knee was bone on bone,” said Jerry. “We tried this brace and it just didn’t work for me, especially when I was riding. I was talking to someone that had knee surgery and she said I wouldn’t regret it.”


Jerry had knee surgery at UnityPoint Health – Trinity Muscatine on December 1, 2015, and there hasn’t been a single regret since. Well, maybe he wishes he’d had surgery sooner. “Five hours after surgery I was up and walking around with a walker and a helper,” said Jerry. “I was only in the hospital for three days. My knee works great. If I’m real active, sometimes it swells a little, but the doc told me this might happen during the first year. I’m really happy.”


The surgical team at Trinity Muscatine was “terrific,” said Jerry. “Everyone was really helpful and friendly and the nurses were great.” In mid-February 2016, Jerry began therapy at UnityPoint Clinic – Orthopedics – North Port.  “I’d been there before; it was real good. The staff there is friendly and [they are] really good people and easy to work with.”


“My docs are real knowledgeable,” said Jerry. “Dr. Mark Odell has been my family doctor for over thirty years. He doesn’t beat around the bush and I like that. My orthopedics doctor is Dr. Andrew Friessen and he’s very informative and he really educated me. I’d recommend Trinity Muscatine for knee surgery, absolutely. In fact, I told a friend about my experience and she just had knee surgery recently and she’s doing just great.”


Jerry hopes to be back out on his touring Harley in April, just in time for an annual memorial ride that raises money for juvenile diabetes and cancer. And, of course, Jerry doesn’t want to miss the annual ride to Sturgis, South Dakota. Jerry’s never missed Sturgis, not since 1978. He and wife Melody make the trip together; she has her own bike. Jerry retired on July 29, 2005, after 36 years working for H. J. Heinz, and the couple has been together for thirty years. And they don’t do Sturgis alone, oh no. “We take our little road companion ‘Killer Dog’ everywhere,” said Jerry. Killer Dog is a Chiweenie, a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund. They have other animals, two cats and two dogs: Sadie, Raven, Missy, and Sparkles.


This year when Jerry and Melody do Sturgis, he’ll literally put the metal to the pedal. His health care team at UnityPoint Health –Trinity Muscatine and UnityPoint Clinic – Orthopedics fits Jerry as well as his new titanium knee. “They’re great; they’re all just great.”

Contributed by UnityPoint Trinity Health