With January starting, we are approaching temperatures dropping into the negative zone. While we can crank up the heat in our cars and bundle up in coats and blankets, we have to remember our pets are not as fortunate. Although they are covered in fur, they are still affected by the cold weather. It is important to remind pet owners that with temperatures dropping, make sure your pet has a warm, safe place to go, whether that be inside your home, in a garage, or in a well-insulated pet house lined with straw and blocked from the wind.  

Officer Snyder from the Muscatine Police Department states, “If your animal stays outdoors, make sure to change their water pans frequently.” If it gets too cold, the water may freeze and the pet may not be able to get a drink. Just like in extreme heat, it’s important your pet stays hydrated. Pets can get frostbite, just like a human. Their fur only protects them to a certain degree.  

If you notice a pet outdoors or in a car for a long period of time, you are encouraged to contact the Humane Society or the police department. They will check on the pet and make sure the owners know the proper care for cold weather.  For more information, contact the Human Society or the Muscatine Police Department