The Iowa State University Extension office held “Wake Up Wednesday” in association with the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The ISU Extension office oversees many different projects and programs such as 4H, Master Gardener programs, community and economic development assistance for small business, and social action and educationISU Wake up we'd

One of the programs that ISU extension implements is called Juntos. T. The program goals center around strengthening the parent involvement the student’s education. Through improved communications between parents, youth, and school personnel, the students are encouraged to set the goal of graduating high school and pursuing higher education.  The family’s awareness of what financial options that are available for their student should they pursue higher education are increased. ISU QCYC2016 Each family is set up with a Juntos Success Coach who works one-on-one with the student to build study skills and identify any additional academic support that may be needed. Success coach Becky Vargus said, “The program is built for the students to succeed. We currently are serving 21 students through this program.”

The students participate in a workshop series featuring members of the community. The goal of the workshop is for the students and their parents/caregivers to build the necessary skills for academic achievement. The students are involved with 4-H, as an avenue to strengthen their self-confidence and develop life skills such as communication, and team-building.

Families take part with in social activities to connect with other families and learn about the resources available.  A Summer Academy takes the students through a multi-day exploration. During the academy students will experience a university campus, and learn about career opportunities.

Krista Regennitter, the County Extension Director said, “We have had 26 families graduate the program in the past two years.”

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