When Mary Catherine Brown agreed to marry Everett LeRoy Orris, neither one of the young couple knew exactly what that would look like in the years to come. The couple said their vows for the first time on July 20, 1947.

Mary, who goes by Katie, says the couple moved to Oklahoma towards the beginning of their marriage.  This was quite a change for the couple, who were both raised in Iowa.

Katie fondly recalls the time the couple spent making new friends and the excitement of what life would hold for the couple. She then recounts the sadness of several miscarriages as the years passed. The prospect of not having children began to take a toll on the young couple, who, according to Katie, spent a few weeks apart.

“He stopped to where I was and asked me to dinner. I went and we talked. He told me he was miserable being apart, and I told him I was, too. We decided to try again.”

A framed copy of the couple’s wedding certificate hangs in the couple’s room.

Hearing this story, Everett, who prefers LeRoy, smiled and said, “Aw, Katie, they don’t need to know all that. They just need to know about the love.” Looking at Voice of Muscatine staff, LeRoy said, “It’s all about the love, girls. Just love.”

The couple’s friends decided to host a vow renewal ceremony for their ten-year anniversary to mark the beginning of a new era for the couple.

The tradition has continued over the years. The couple will renew their wedding vows for the seventh time this Saturday in a ceremony at the Lutheran Living Campus.

All friends are invited to participate. As LeRoy says, “The more people, the better. It’s just more people to love.”