Le Chic Prom & Pageant Boutique is a family owned business, owned by Heather and Stacy DeLong. Heather’s mother, Becky, is also an employee and regularly helps out at the store.


Heather and Stacy are both life-long residents of Muscatine. Stacy has worked for The HON Company for nearly 17 years, and Heather has owned River City All-Stars for nearly 15 years. They are both extremely passionate about what this community has been able to deliver to them, so it only seemed fitting for them to want to give back to the city of Muscatine.


With having owned River City All-Stars Dance & Tumbling in Muscatine for nearly 15 years, in early 2012, they began contemplating opening a second business.  With both having a history in pageantry – serving as board members on the Miss Muscatine Board of Directors – there was a natural gravitation toward providing a service for the clients/friends they had met over the years and who had had less than optimal shopping experiences with them in their quest to find the pageant wardrobe of their dreams.


Opened in July of 2012, Le Chic is Iowa’s Exclusive Prom & Pageant retailer, also providing gowns for events such as prom and homecoming and specializing in tuxedo rental.  They also have the ability and connections to work with the industry’s top designers on custom pieces.  For them, Muscatine is a great location as it is centrally located for girls who travel to their store from all over the Midwest (Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, and more).


According to Heather, “Le Chic’s biggest accomplishment to date has to be dressing not one, not two, but three state contestants at this last year’s Miss America Pageant. Besides being the state wardrobe sponsor for Iowa, we also dressed Nebraska and Montana with pieces of their competition wardrobe.”


“We have also been blessed enough to have the last three Miss Iowa’s, last two Miss Iowa USA, and the last two Miss Iowa’s Outstanding Teens crowned in gowns from Le Chic. Lastly, being able to dress Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, when she was visiting Muscatine in January for the Miss Muscatine 50th Anniversary,” added Stacy.


Le Chic built their roots at their first location at 204 E. 2nd St. “Tom & Kathy Bankhead can be credited for giving us the push to take the chance and open this new business opportunity,” said Heather.  At the beginning of 2016, Le Chic made the move to their new, bigger home at 331 E. 2nd St. The DeLongs worked to deliver a complete renovation of the space that some may remember previously as the Cotton Shop, among other businesses. New paint, flooring, lighting and more were installed in the space, making it a dazzling entrance to the historic downtown Muscatine.


The DeLongs agree, “We have been so honored and blessed by the outpouring of community support for those that have driven by, walked by, or had the pleasure of shopping with us at our new location.”