Four seventh grade students from Central Middle School were the recipients of a tour and brief internship at the offices of the KWPC AM 860 FM 95.1, Vintage Sound 93.1 and the Voice of Muscatine on Thursday, March 9. The students were the winners of a contest in their English and Language Arts (ELA) class.

Olivia Hoffman, Laura Comstock, Ruthellen Brooks, and Rylee Mason* presented on the topic of intolerance in music ranging from Broadway and classic rock to modern pop and even country music.

A second group of students including Maddie Heater, Emma Yerington, Kaylyn Bynum, and Abby Stamler visited the offices of the Muscatine Journal. Their presentation focused on intolerance and judgment that celebrities face daily.

The winning groups were chosen by a selection of teachers at Central. The goal of the short internships is to allow the students a behind-the-scenes look at how media works and what is involved on a daily basis.

*Rylee Mason is the daughter of Mary Mason, Creative Director of Voice of Muscatine. Mary Mason was not involved in the final selection process of the winning students.