I like the idea of dedicating space in this column to talk about the people who are doing good work not only in Muscatine but also in the surrounding communities. For the next few weeks, I’ll be writing what I’ve dubbed “Inspiring Hope Spotlight,” a series featuring individuals going above and beyond, who I feel deserve recognition.


This week, that is Pastor Sharon Phillips with the Jesus Mission Church, Pearl City Outreach, and Jessica Faye’s Closet. Pastor Phillips was a guest on the Wester Drug Health & Wellness radio series on KWPC radio the morning of Thursday, February 23. I listened to the hour-long conversation and was left feeling so inspired by the stories that Pastor Phillips shared.


The work that she and her team of volunteers does is so significant for the Muscatine community. Being there for someone who is struggling with things like addiction, financial crisis, or relationships failing is something that Pastor Phillips does on a daily basis. She also knows that God has set her on a course to lift up those whom no one else will. We’re busy people, our time is precious, but are we so busy that we couldn’t volunteer alongside someone like Pastor Phillips? Between the Jesus Mission Church, the Pearl City Outreach, and the wonderful resource that is Jessica Faye’s Closet, you have plenty of opportunities to connect to the community you live in and make a difference.


Pastor Phillips is just one example of the many strong faith leaders who live and work not only in Muscatine but also the surrounding communities and who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and their congregation. Muscatine is a town that has faith, as shown by the wonderful churches that are full each weekend. It would seem that now, more than ever, we could all benefit from a strong sense of community or togetherness.


The last thing I’ll leave you with is that Pastor Phillips talked about how important it is to not just to “feed your flesh but to feed your soul.” I personally believe I have a soul and I need to take time to make sure I’m feeding it properly and serving those who need it the most. I hope you’ll do the same. Thank you for the inspiration, Pastor Phillips, and please keep doing God’s work!