By Cara Hahn

Pinnacle Group Homes is an assisted-living facility that opened in June 2017. The facility is owned and run by Wesley and Barbara Stalkfleet. The assisted-living center was made from a real home. Their goal is to offer individualized care in a home-like setting.

After working in a nursing home back in the 70s, the Stalkfleets decided they never wanted to put their own parents in a nursing home. This sparked discussion between the two of creating their own assisted-living facility.

Years later, both of Wesley’s parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Barbara and another family member took care of them in their home.

Wesley said “Two main things came out of that: 1) They enjoy taking care of people and 2) What are they able to do better?” The Stalkfleets use this experience to specialize in assisting people with Alzheimer’s.

Barbara and Wesley have done a great job in creating a home-like setting using a circular floor plan so that residents will never meet a dead-end. This configuration works better for Alzheimer’s patients as it helps them avoid getting confused or frustrated. The design of the house funnels sound, which means that there is no need for yelling or a phone as they can easily hear each other. The family-style home contains 5 bedrooms with 2 ½ baths, each being fully ADA compliant. The house features a walk-in shower, a walk-in bathtub with a seat, a small cozy living room, a laundry room, and a hair salon.

Barbara mentioned that “Many of our residents are unable to leave the premises, so this allows them to have their favorite hair stylist come to them.”

Pinnacle Group Homes is staffed with a registered nurse and a certified nursing assistant to take care of up to five residents, with two residents currently residing in the home. Offering individualized care to each of their residents is a top priority for the Stalkfleets, and a small group of residents allows them to be able to individually cater to the residents by learning what they enjoy.

Pinnacle Group Homes is currently the only assisted-living facility like this in the state of Iowa. A price was not disclosed, but it is a flat-rate fee and the price will not change from month to month.

Barbara and Wesley are looking to expand Pinnacle Group Homes. They own land next to the current house and would like to begin construction on a second home soon.