This past Friday, October 25th at 12:07 PM Muscatine Police Department responded to a call of a fight in progress at Hershey Avenue and Main Street right here in Muscatine. Prior to officers arriving the caller reported that one of the males had a handgun and appeared to threaten another male with it. The caller reported that the male with the gun went into the house at 1512 Hershey Avenue. The male was identified as Glenn Nunn. Once the officers arrived they attempted to contact Nunn via telephone and other means. Officers were able to establish a short conversation with Nunn before he hung up on the officers. After repeated attempts to re-connect with Nunn a search warrant was obtained and executed by the Muscatine Police Department Special Response Team. At approximately 4:15 PM, Glenn Nunn was taken into custody without injury and was taken to the Muscatine County Jail. The incident remains under investigation by the Muscatine Police Department’s Investigation Division. The Muscatine County Sherriff’s Office assisted the police department with this incident.


There is a national story about pet treats that are poisoned. Message from area veterinarians regarding recent concerns about beef jerky pet treats is cautious, but don’t panic. US Food and Drug Administration’s report as of September 24th has received reports of 3,600 dogs and 10 cats becoming ill from eating jerky treats. More than 580 of these cases have been fatal. The FDA has not yet determined why these treats, that are made in China, have caused these illnesses. Dr. Dan Drahos of KWPC’s Dr. Dan the Animal Man show said area pet owners should simply avoid jerky treats for their pets. It’s a message Dr. Erin Adly of Muscatine agrees with:

I wouldn’t panic, I would definitely not recommend to feed jerky treats especially any made in China or Asia. Just because there have been enough cases reported where avoidance is the best. If they’ve already been feeding the jerky treats I would stop, save what they have in a space away from the dog just in case a problem comes up that way we have a sample.

The vets also said that there have not been local cases of this, which usually includes digestive and kidney problems.


This Sunday in Louisa County another extreme adventure is planned. Louisa County Conservation’s next Extreme Adventure deals with fire building. From 2-5 on Sunday afternoon, November 3rd at Langwood Education Center, 3 miles south of Grandview. The events for youngsters in 6th-8th grade has a registration cost of $5. Fire building is the 11th of 12 events in the year long once a month Extreme Adventure series. Registration is required and space is limited. For more information or to register, call 319-523-8381 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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