The Louisa County Historical Society hosted Civil War re-enactors and presentations about the Civil War. 82-year old, Robert Coon, of Morning Sun was among the visitors. He brought with him his Civil War era American flag.


It’s got 34 stars on it. There’s two circles of stars, one big, one small inside, big one in the center, one on each corner. Now, the historian tells me the outside circle is for the free states. The inside circle is for the slave states. The big one in the center is for Kansas, who joined the Union that year. And the four corners are three M’s and K, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri and Kentucky. Now he says those are the four independent states that didn’t secede to the Union. Now, Abe Lincoln supposed to make a proclamation at that time, no matter how many states seceded from the Union they would not lose a star on the flag.


Coon says he and his wife discovered the flag in the drawer of a piece of furniture that was given to them when they were married.


It took a two-mile car chase by local police and a one vehicle accident to arrest 22-year old Muscatine man Wednesday on multiple charges. According to a report from the Muscatine County Sheriff’s office, at 11:51 PM Wednesday a deputy sheriff counted a vehicle traveling 108 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone on Highway 22, near Forest Lane. The driver attempted to flee from police, even turning off its headlights to help evade detection. Eventually, the fleeing vehicle crashed into a ditch on Highway 22 near Vanatta. The driver, Corey Michael Stych, was arrested without further incident and taken to the Muscatine County Jail. He now faces charges of second offense operating while intoxicated and procession of a controlled substance, felony eluding, unsafe passing and speeding.


As of Sunday night, Muscatine was in 70th place out of 3500 schools competing in the online voting contest. You can go to and vote once a day, every day all this week. Vote for Muscatine and Muscatine could win $100,000 for Muscatine schools.


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