The city of Muscatine mayor and city council elections are less than a month away. They will take place on Tuesday, November 5th.


Sunday, October 20th will be a day dedicated to remembering the Civil War at the Louisa County Historical Society’s museum in Wapello. There is no charge to see and talk to Civil War re-enactors camped outside the museum from 10-4. There is a fee for attending a program that runs from 1-4. It includes, among others, presentations about Iowa in the Civil War, the six Littleton brothers of Louisa County who died during the war and a Civil War era fashion show. Civil War foods will be available during breaks and an offering will be taken for lunch, which is being served from 11-12:30. For more information or to reserve a seat for the programs call 319-728-8818.


The state of Iowa is celebrating its 30th anniversary with our sister state in China. Here, locally, Mayor Hopkins has a Chinese Initiative Board and its president is Tony Joseph. Here’s Tony with comment:


Hi Andy, thank you for having me here today. The Mayor’s Muscatine China Initiative’s committee main focus is on people, people exchanges, education exchanges, and business and commerce. As president of this committee, we are tasked with a wonderful event that’s going to be held this coming week starting the 15th of October and going until the 21st. We have, it’s a celebration of 30 years between Hebei Provence and the state of Iowa signing a sister state agreement. And 25 years ago, the current President of China, Xi Jinping, visited Muscatine in 1985. So, our celebration this coming weekend of the 20th and 21st is to celebrate his visit and the 30th Anniversary. And the folks from Hebei Provence are coming to Muscatine because their current President had come to Muscatine before and they want to see Muscatine, this famous place, the famous riverfront and our citizens.


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