The Iowa House voted Wednesday morning to send the education reform package to the Senate. Republicans supported the bill while all of the Democrats voted against it.

While shoveling snow can be good exercise, the National Safety Council says it can also be dangerous for optimistic shovelers who take on more than they can handle. The Safety Council offers the following tips:

* Individuals over the age of 40, or those who are relatively inactive, should be especially careful.

* If you have a history of heart trouble, do not shovel without a doctor's permission.

* Do not shovel after eating or while smoking.

* Take it slowly! Shoveling (like lifting weights) can raise your heart rate and blood pressure dramatically.

* Shovel only fresh snow.

* Push the snow as you shovel. It's easier on your back than lifting.

* Don't pick up too much at once.

* Lift with your legs bent, not your back.

* Do not work to the point of exhaustion.

* And dress warmly. Remember that extremities, such as the nose, ears, hands and feet, need extra attention during winter's cold.

You can break out of those mid-winter blues with the Blues Busting Bash at Orange Street Theatre, 701 Orange Street, Muscatine, on Saturday, sponsored by Performing Arts Muscatine and the Muscatine Journal. Listen and dance to rock, pop, the classics and country. Doors for the BYOB event open at 6:30 and it starts at 7. Admission is $10 each. More information at (563) 262-8791.


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