The next six Blue Zones sites will be announced today in Des Moines. Muscatine is one of 12 cities competing to become one of Blue Zones' demonstration sites. The private-public Blue Zones initiative offers expert assistance to selected communities on making healthy choices.

More than 80 dresses have been donated for local high school girls going to prom. ?It’s all part of the Recycle the Dress event. Dresses will be handed out first come, first served from 9 to noon Saturday February 9th at the Muscatine Recycling Center and Transfer Station. More details at (563) 263-9689.

With the return of winter weather, MidAmerican Energy Company reminds customers that accumulations of snow and ice can interrupt a home’s or business’ electric supply. MidAmerican offers the following safety tips:

* If you lose power to your home or business during a storm, check fuses or circuit breakers first, then call the utility.

* Never assume someone else has reported a power outage.

* Keep fresh batteries in flashlights and lanterns for use during emergencies.

* Never use a grill, space heater or portable generator intended for outdoor use inside a home.

* Always use caution and common sense when using candles and oil lamps for light.

* And if you have a standby generator, make sure it is installed safely and properly.

Iowa health officials are reporting a slight decline in the number of people being hospitalized with the flu, but more school children are getting sick.


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